Hair Help is a Finnish online shop for next generation anti-DHT haircare products.

Anti-DHT -products are new in Finland and they represent the latest trend in haircare and natural hairloss products. The latest scientific research emphasizes DHT as the most important and common cause of hairloss. Even 95% of all hairloss is caused by DHT. Anti-DHT products aim to reduce or block DHT in the scalp and thus give hair a new chance to grow.

Hair Help (Hiusapu) represents in Finland the leading top anti-DHT world brands Nisim and Revivogen.


Hair growth accelerator F.A.S.T.

You can buy the hair growth accelerator FAST devoloped by Nisim International. Use F.A.S.T. products when you want longer strong hair fast, even double the normal growth speed! F.A.S.T. products were not developed for hairloss, for that you should use our anti-DHT -products. Order your product package now from the reliable Finnish online store.


Laser comb
Super novelty!


Laser has been widely used in medicine in different kinds of treatments. It has been undisputedly shown, that cold laser is very effective in treating hairloss, improving hair quality and in accelerating its growth.

Order now Velform Laser Comb. You get the best deal from us always in Finland. We are also the wholesale distributor of this product in Finland. Click here to go to Laser Comb ordering page.

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